goals for ‘08

January 16th, 2008

I’m not particularly goal oriented so this is more of an exercise in seeing what the goals might be if I were to pull some out of thin air.

  • get the hell out of web development but somehow keep the hosting going
  • finish euo3d, get some serious help to maintain content for euo, start some other game or game-engine
  • help Miro as much as possible to get Effacrum finished
  • tae kwon do 2x a week, hi yellow belt march, green june, high green sep, blue belt dec (rather ambitious)
  • swim 10-20 laps per week
  • keep the fish alive
  • have a sticky beak at frogland with Cecelia, probably in sept
  • get this reflux fixed
  • see a dentist

blah blogging is boring

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