I’m eating a banana in the elevator

September 5th, 2005

How can I explain these strange bouts of euphoria and light headedness which for two days in a row last week struck me for no apparent reason at all?

Maybe it’s the rockmelon and yogurt fruit drinks I’ve been making, or because if you do a google image search for slut, swut.net comes up first with a picture of a very skanky Catherine Zeta Jones. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that EUO is nearly done, or even my talkative cat, or the fact that in WoW, by playing a Night Elf druid, you get to be a bear at level 10 - something that for me that will always remain somewhat elusive in “Real Life”.

Salad days indeed. Not even the user comments on slashdot or Liz Hurley’s weird upper lip appeared to be having a negative effect. But as I write this, a few days later by the gregorian calendear, things seem to be restored to normal. Bored at work, overworked at home. In my lunacy I concluded that the Night Elves probably listen to My Bloody Valentine too. The difference between them and me however is that they have a good excuse to own an iPod, with all the running around that they invariably have to do. I’m generally not running anywhere.

Post patch EUO requires serious vitamins, and only my secret (carrots, celery and rockmelon) and very special blend of exotic fruits, veg, and gluten-free “friendly bacteria”-infused dairy can get me through this shit. But I’m kicking myself: I forgot to buy a cheese and bacon roll from the IGA, so a non-redknobbed banana chaser will have to do. Even David Koresh had his moments of weakness.

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