If I could think of something to write, I’d be too scared to write it

September 19th, 2005

Maybe innocuously, I voted for the hippies in the Marrickville by-election last weekend, but now I fear that the combination of that, being a part time blogger, and being a foul-mouthed tryannical game maker will incite the new gestapo to kick down my door any minute now and cart me away for incarceration and interrogation. Perhaps it is only my terrible ego that leads me to believe that I could actually be a threat, but really … who knows?

Well the fear isn’t that bad, but you have to wonder about what the hell is going on in this country when seemingly harmless hippies are being deported for no apparent reason at all. It’s not so much the fact that Scott Parkin got cuffed’n’stuffed, packed up and shipped out, and not least of all billed for 11 grand, but the fact that nobody will tell us why. It is insulting at best; it is another step in the systematic dismemberment of our freedom of speech marking the nuclear dawn of a new age of despotism at worst. How can we be allowing this to happen, and why hasn’t the goddess Miranda said anything about it?

This neo-conservatism has got to go, but what real alternative is there? The aforementioned hippies that smell, spineless shadow of a dead trade union movement, and a bunch of clueless christian fundamentalists with their sordid and reverberating nationalism have absolutely no idea at all. The whole world is fucked and we are all going to hell.

It actually crossed my mind a couple of times this week to get myself into politics, but I don’t think my nerdy brand of gonzo-romanticism would wear with the voters. Besides, if EUO is anything to go by, there would be more incarcerations and deportations than ever before, if I took control of this shithole. Yeh, I’d be a regular Il Duce. But it couldn’t be much worse than what we have now. I mean, just look at the awful caliber of people running the country as we speak …

2 comments to “If I could think of something to write, I’d be too scared to write it”

  1. If you think the government is bad and the mass majority is in agreeance, do something about it. People sitting and protesting obviously don’t mean shit to the government, so don’t let it get to the point you need to get a gun and storm somewheres special. It’s gotten that bad here.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Deported peace activist blameless

    November 1, 2005

    AN AMERICAN peace activist deported from Australia on the grounds he was a threat to national security was not involved in any dangerous or violent protests in Australia, ASIO revealed yesterday.

    Scott Parkin, 36, from Houston, Texas, returned to the US in September after his visitor’s visa was cancelled on the grounds he posed a national security risk. He was kept in solitary confinement by Australian Federal Police in Melbourne following an adverse security assessment by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

    ASIO chief Paul O’Sullivan denied his agency was pressured by the US into making the adverse assessment. Asked if Mr Parkin had been violent in Australia, Mr O’Sullivan said he had not.