Mythbusters is fucking the 2nd best show on TV right now *

February 1st, 2005

Jamie & AdamThere’s this new show airing on SBS called Mythbusters where these two tech & junk-addicted bears blow stuff up on a regular basis under the (pretense of destroying urban myths) and enjoy it. Infact, at least one of these guys was responsible for the robot Blendo that was disqualified from some robot wars tournament: it was shredding the opposition and sending burning shrapnel flying into the audience.

This week’s show (among other things) was all about trying to set petrol vapour on fire with the EMF created by a mobile phone (to debunk the myth that phones can cause an explosion at the gas pump of course). For starters, they rigged up a perspex box, about a metre cubed, pumped it full of petrol vapor and strategically placed an old Nokia inside which Adam was furiously ringing in an attempt to create an explosion. After that failed, they replaced the phone with a jacob’s ladder. Anyone who fires up a jacob’s ladder at a gas station probably deserves to be necrotically Darwinised.

So to hell with queer eye and their stupid twink makeovers; bears setting stuff on fire is TV at its leopard-skinned finest.

* the best show on TV right now is Iron Chef

5 comments to “Mythbusters is fucking the 2nd best show on TV right now *”

  1. I like it, but i think Iron Chef still holds that crown.

  2. My fav prog too, though i always miss it because I hate tv so much.

    noone told me swut was backup!

  3. This program was Aired in the US a while ago I think mabye a year ago. Its still a great show to watch. =D

  4. hi adam and jamie and freinds ,
    the show you did in september about turning a vacum cleaner in to a jet engine if you had a speed controller for the motor it may of work better and put the flame out at all .

    best regards
    john bennett
    bunbury western australia

  5. its cool col