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Monday, January 28th, 2008

Using tumblr now as wordpress gives me an ulcer. Update your rss aggregators: new rss feed is

goals for ‘08

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

I’m not particularly goal oriented so this is more of an exercise in seeing what the goals might be if I were to pull some out of thin air.

  • get the hell out of web development but somehow keep the hosting going
  • finish euo3d, get some serious help to maintain content for euo, start some other game or game-engine
  • help Miro as much as possible to get Effacrum finished
  • tae kwon do 2x a week, hi yellow belt march, green june, high green sep, blue belt dec (rather ambitious)
  • swim 10-20 laps per week
  • keep the fish alive
  • have a sticky beak at frogland with Cecelia, probably in sept
  • get this reflux fixed
  • see a dentist

blah blogging is boring