The Indifference Engine

May 29th, 2007

The Indifference Engine is an absurd machine: a serial computer that makes a lamp flash pseudo-randomly using a non-linear mathematical formula adhering to the principles of chaos theory.

Adding to the chaos is the fact that the floating point number passed serially between the computers was only in 4 bit resolution, and also the light toggling flip flop circuit was not functioning correctly (it had all the appearances of a distinct lack of de-bounce).

the indifference engine

The Indifference Engine featured prominently at the inaugural Workshop Showroom Showcase. Some even thought it might have been art.

Youtube video of the Indifference Engine in full operation coming soon. More photos from WSSR showcase #1 here.

5 comments to “The Indifference Engine”

  1. you need an intel mac build

  2. that’s AWESOME, the purple of the UV light is AMAZING, you are the BEST

  3. the aleatoric nature of the light is not only a clear reference to martin creed’s post-modern take on minimalist conventions but an ironic detournement of modern technology itself.

  4. Neat. I remember you mentioned this some time ago.
    Those c64s?

  5. last comment by me.