Oz is fucking the best show on TV right now **

August 2nd, 2005

I almost can’t stand Bear Busters now: Jamie ‘the moustache bear’ is still cool but Adam ‘whiny bitch bear’ Savage is beyond irritating. Not even Scottie ‘token blonde female with tattoos who can use tools like a man’ welding shit can make up for that fat, orange headed twat acting like an annoying child or having a cry about something.

KellerIron Chef is still pure entertainment but sadly, it’s getting a bit old. So my new favourite TV show right now is HBO’s Oz. It’s been on SBS for a while now, and I only got onto it by accident, but I’ve been watching it religiously now for about 3 months. It might be set in a prison, but don’t be put off by all those dicks … this show has more ‘Ganks per minute’ (gpm) than anything else on TV. As soon as some character gets interesting, or worse, you start to get attached to them, WHAM - shank in the neck, or ZOINK - head into the TV. There must have been a half-dozen murders last nite, the worst/best being my latest fav character, the Reverend Cloutier. An Evangelical preacher played by Luke Perry, I was taken totally by surprise when he was suddenly getting bricked into a wall by the Brotherhood (and that nasty little redhead who is SO going to cop it) to die alone, crying and praying to Jebus. There’s still a chance that next week, someone will find him … but somehow I doubt it.

Feature ganks last nite:

  • Augustus secures Supreme Allah’s demise by obtaining his med records, finding out that he’s allergic to eggs, then organising to have eggs mixed into his brekko, causing him to have a massive allergic reaction and dying all puffy faced, vomiting blood
  • The Colonel tries to gank Morales but fails: instead gets him self squashed under the elevator they were working on together
  • Kareem comes out of nowhere to gank old Vern Shillinger - but I don’t think he’s actually going to die. Another muslim ganked Vern’s lackey at the same time
  • Omar rammed some random latino’s head into the communal TV in a fit of rage
  • Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier got himself bricked into a wall
  • O’Reilly left the gas on in the kitchen and later, one of the wardens lights a fag only to blow himself up
  • At least one other that I’ve forgotten the details for

Other Oz Trivia

  • The warden is played by the 4th Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson
  • one of the main cops in Law and Order:SVU (a show I don’t watch btw) plays Chris Keller, this nasty serial killer who was by miles the best character till he got sent interstate after, ironically, taking a rap for a murder he didn’t commit
  • Vern, the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, was also J. Jameson in Spiderman 2
  • Another Law and Order cop, the lead female in Criminal Intent, Detective Eames, played Shirley who was hung on death row for killing her daughter or something

3 comments to “Oz is fucking the best show on TV right now **”

  1. Yeh, bearbusters is getting boring these days. Instead of disproving myths they just get the sluts to prance around and then blow something up. The redhaird ‘mythtern’ is useless, she’s as dumb as mario fenech and only there for the geeks to spooge over. Scottie the welding chick kicks fucking ass. Even tone likes her.

    The guy [terry?] is only good when he’s stacking onto his own head, which was the highlight of last night’s show. He tried to jump an old style bike over a little red toy wagon [because the chix goaded him] and but the back wheel hit as he went over and he went slamming face first into the tarmac.

  2. oh my god! it is like the bst show atm. Unfortunately, i have not seen the total episodes…from season one. I happened to stumble across OZ, it was bought back from Bali by a family friend…hadnt been touched so i thought ‘oh what the heck’ and put it on. Now i am hooked, and anyone who cares to listen will get told about it lol. At the moment what season are you guys actually watching? well keep watching and enjoy i know i will!!

  3. Oz is, without a doubt, one of the best shows ever to have graced the TV screen, along with “The Shield” and “Homicide.” It’s far-and-away the best jail show ever. And yes, I think the high GPM has much to do with it. There’s no possible way that any prison anywhere could have such a problem with murder, but it’s still very intriguing and engrossing to watch.

    My favorite character has to be/have been Adebisi. He was just magnetic; it was impossible to take your eyes off him when he was onscreen (as a slight aside, I think he is the one inmate whose dick was never shown in any of the episodes… well, maybe him, Cloutier and O’Reily… not that I’m complaining, ONE dick is too many, but whatchagonnado?).

    Just finished up season 5 last month; 6 comes out in a couple weeks. Can’t wait.