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January 28th, 2008

Using tumblr now as wordpress gives me an ulcer. Update your rss aggregators: new rss feed is

goals for ‘08

January 16th, 2008

I’m not particularly goal oriented so this is more of an exercise in seeing what the goals might be if I were to pull some out of thin air.

  • get the hell out of web development but somehow keep the hosting going
  • finish euo3d, get some serious help to maintain content for euo, start some other game or game-engine
  • help Miro as much as possible to get Effacrum finished
  • tae kwon do 2x a week, hi yellow belt march, green june, high green sep, blue belt dec (rather ambitious)
  • swim 10-20 laps per week
  • keep the fish alive
  • have a sticky beak at frogland with Cecelia, probably in sept
  • get this reflux fixed
  • see a dentist

blah blogging is boring


August 17th, 2007


ocean man, ocean girl

August 14th, 2007

EUO 1.2 using the Moa engine live, finally

July 30th, 2007

After much kicking and screaming EUO has been completely retrofitted into what I now call the Moa engine. As far as updates go to EUO, it wasn’t very exciting - with the widescreen view and skull keys being the highlights. However engine wise it is a massive overhaul and one that I’d never thought would happen.

Moa (which stands for Multiplayer Online Adventure, which has been EUO’s slogan for quite a few years now) was orginally a branch of EUO called Egg’s Apocalypse Online, or EAO. After about 2-3 months of dev the apocalypse mod was shelved, but work on the engine continued. The idea was to make the engine as generic (as in configurable, not boring) as possible.

About a year later, after saying it wasn’t possible many times, EUO now runs on this very engine. The EUO 1.1 src now lies abandoned.

So what next? Here’s some things to do:

  • document Moa
  • get Effacrum (era’s steampunk mod) running on the latest build of Moa
  • work on a huge EUO content patch, euo 1.2.1 or 1.3 or whatever it will be called, including many new maps sent to me, new mobs, merging in the best bits of Brownthorne’s Dungeon, lifting more ideas from Nethack & Diablo, etc
  • continue work on EAO!
  • make a simple demo RPG with Moa and distribute a windows server

download EUO 1.2

patch thread

bugs thread

browne stripes

July 28th, 2007

not drawn on moleskine

July 27th, 2007

because moleskine is just another crappy feelgood blogtastic bourgeoisie piece of crap - picasso & hemmingway DIDN’T use them - at least not the marketed ones today - according to wikipedia - have I bitched about wiki yet

complaining on the internet and blogging on my wireless laptop while africans are starving and little kids make my shoes