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Skins by EggMcEye for Quake 3 Arena ...

Chastity - NEW!

Teenage vampire and all round brat. Skin and bot for Tankgirl. Download and frag her sweetcheeks today.

Come on poly!! This is arguably my best (technically) skin yet!

Nurse Wendy

Nurse Wendy has her own page right here! Skin and bot for Harleyquinn - download now!

Polycount review Nurse Wendy!

Devilgirl for Hunter

Devil goat woman type skin and bot for Hunter - Download now!

Das Panzer

Das Panzer has his own page here - complete skin and bot for Tank Jr. Download now!

Polycount reviews Das Panzer here (a pretty generous review too - it could have been way harsher).

Fists of Love Clan Skins

matching skins and bots for Slash, PMS and Hunter - Download now


disco girly skin for Hunter - Download now