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With modern technology, wonders will never cease. Introducing ...

Das Panzer!

A Tank Jr skin and bot for Quake 3 Arena


Polycount review Das Panzer!

The product of Modern Science, this is what you get when you take ...

[ Adolf Hitler ]

and this ...

[ Panzer VI Tiger ]

and with a little this ...

[ Freeking Rocket Science ]

and you get DAS PANZER!

At the end of the war, Hitler was mortally wounded (somehow) but managed to escape to South America along with all of his generals and scientists (altho some of his scientists made it to Australia and that's why we're so advanced technologically today haha NOT).

So to keep Adolf alive they removed his head from his wreck of a body and installed into this new fangled borg-death-machine equipped with a claw and a oversized kitchen knife, ready for the arena.

Adolf's back, and he's crankier than ever before! He is DAS PANZER!

A note to my dear German friends: I know grammaticly it's meant to be Der Panzer. I'm just taking the piss out of My poor German (and I'm the only one laffing, as usual).