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Clan Nemesis

Back in the good old days when men were men and multiplayer internet gaming was just starting out, the only FPS worth playing was Quakeworld and as far as RTS's go, well you were either a hoser, or you had Warcraft 2, played on Kali and you were a member of Ozwl.

That was back in 1996/1997. Ozwl, the Australian Warcraft 2 League, is long gone now (altho there is talk of resurrecting it for War 3 ...) Clan Nemesis was arguably the premier clan of the time. Or so we liked to think :P

Anyway enough bullshit history, here's the old Nemesis homepages. There were three main variants, plus one experiemental / culturejam one. And there was the Ozwl profile page. Check em out. They're classic examples of any cheezy clan page around, being a pisstake of the average clan page, whilst still being genuinely bad in their own right. So here they are ...

The original Nemesis page

The porn Nemesis page

The hindu Nemesis page (the final page)

The Nemesis Hair page

Ozwl Nemesis profile page


Hope u dig em as much as I had fun making them way bak carmak knows when.