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Bert and Osama : together forever
posted by eggmceye, 2001-10-11 19:03:00. No #798.

With the USA's attack on afganistan becoming more (f)arse-ical by the day (they had to blame someone for the events of sept 11), and with plenty of conspiracy theories abound which point the finger well away from afganistan and OBL, it stands to reason that the comedy landmine exploding before the world as we speak has well and truly been stepped on - enter Evil Bert; he's made it (unwittingly) onto the posters of anti-US protesters in Bangladesh.

If you look carefully to the right of osama's left ear in the pic to the left, you just make out Bert's fuzzy face. A close up appears below. This pic hasn't been photoshopped - infact, Reuters, the media source of the picture, has confirmed its authenticity. Since its publication, a swag of other pictures of rabid crowds brandishing osama posters confirm that Bert is indeed there. Go to the lindqvist page linked below and see for your self. There's even discussion there about a possible cryptic significance to the appearence of the old yellow puff within the poster.

Along with 5000 dead financiers (with millions of afgans to undoubtedly follow suit) this is surely a sign that the end is near and that we should all sit down together and smoke a bowl or three. Besides, everyone knows it was the Mossad which hijacked the planes, not Osama bin Laden. Maybe Matt and Trey should write a ballad called 'Blame Israel'.

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Comment by Frenz at 2001-10-14 22:31:34
/whois matt and trey?

Comment by egg at 2001-10-15 09:00:48
the south park dudes

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