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WTF am I to do with this freekin page?
posted by eggmceye, 2001-10-06 04:10:22. No #797.

After slowly coming to the conclusion that (at least for me) 'weblogging' is a pointless waste of time, I've yet to decide what to do with this page. I like reviews and writing tutes, but linking to news is a bit tiring, and has been for a while. You're better off reading history books that reading this fucking crap!

I've also come to the conclusion that beer and TV are much better in the UK. I don't think I'm going to be able to drink australian lagers again after sampling some of england's finest bitters (eg John Smiths). Combined with the fact living in sydney's south-western suburbs sucks ass, coming back from 5 weeks in a country with a cuntload of culture is just a tad depressing. The only good thing about Sydney so far is its nice weather and cheap takeaway. Not to worry.

not bankstown

Comment by m at 2001-10-08 01:54:12
you hippe! TV is shite over here!! Plus you have to pay 110 squids for the privelidge of not watching it!!! Ahhhh not to worry. John Smiths is good though but after a few, don't mix them with a curry

Comment by ness at 2001-10-10 18:24:16
Miss John Smiths painfully ..and the chips and curry ohhh mouth wateing after a night on the juice. Left with an empty glass of red square and a memory. Oh The Pain Will Robinson....

Comment by Boosty at 2001-10-10 21:11:46
what is yourop??
Aint that a band that flanno wearing westy fags listen to?

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