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Review: A.I.
by eggmceye, 2001-08-13 09:21:22. No #793.

What do you get when you take the world's two worst directors, one dead and one who we could only wish was dead, and get one to finish off a job that the first one couldn't handle (it killed him) ? A.I. on VCD, from hong kong. Yes, all you losers who can't wait to see it at the cinema - I've seen it already, Muahaha! And I'm going to spoil it for you. Not that there is any real plot to spoil.

That shithead from The sixth sense is back as the borgboy who is the first of a new line of robots who has apparent feelings. When he gets abandoned by his mommy (and you will get sick of hearing 'MOMMY MOMMY') he begins his quest to find the blue fairy, who gave pinochio life, in hopes that it will make him a real boy as well.

The story is poor. The sfx are good, but i'm sick of sfx. What made me give this steaming pile of crap three-and-a-half tachos was its sheer creepiness. It is not scary - it is very dark, and eerie - something neither spielberg or kubrick are capable of. It is not scary at all, its not 'the borg boy goes crazy and kills every one' - its just plain creepy at times. The ending is even similar to 2001 - a space oddesy but i wont give the ending away.

All i can say is Thank God George Lucas Didn't Direct It.

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