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Large Jedi Faction Living in Australia
posted by snafu, 2001-08-08 13:00:11. No #790.

Everyone by now should know about the contoversy that surrounded people putting down 'Jedi' as their religion on census forms in England, New Zealand and now Australia. If you don't, read this story from the SMH.

The amusing thing is that the Australian govt has actually recognised the problem and devoted a section to it on the Official Australian 2001 Census Homepage. Titled The 2001 census, religion and the Jedi, the page actually says that as long as you don't subscribe to another religion and lie about it, you wont be fined [contrary to news reports].

Even funnier is the homepage of the Australian Jedi sect Jedi Australia.org. [see below image]

[ more info here ]

Comment by egg at 2001-08-08 16:51:17
i put 7337 as my religion, but when mum found out that there was a 1000$ fine for being silly, she changed it to Jedi for me. Always in my best interests.

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