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Russia: My new favourite federation
posted by snafu, 2001-08-08 12:18:35. No #789.

There's a bizzare story here which tells of the Russian Police force's suspected links between a group of young men comitting suicide in a small village and the game Final Fantasy.

The article goes on to say how gaming has now been "given the sports status" over there and that the Ministry for Education included computer games in school the education program. The article has some of the coolest Rushenglish ever.

"One of the versions of the investigation was about their fatal passion for a video game “The Final Fantasy” the plot of which is connected with magic. Law-enforcement officers tend to give consideration to everything including the most incredible versions – from destructive influence of the game on psychology as it is to the fact that there was some code signal recorded on the CD game - the signal which made the guys kill themselves."

This article legally accquired from atomic.

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