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Gun Nut of the Week: Inferno!
posted by snafu, 2001-08-06 12:12:08. No #787.

Everyone loves AK47s, especially Inferno [seen below]. Here's an excerpt from his review of the AK 47 assault rifle:

"So why an AK47? Every once in a while, you get the itching to buy a gun that will stand out from the crowd. Everyone has an MP5 of sorts, and the M4's have multiplied in the field like raging e.coli in your intestine after eating "authentic" Mexican food.

You want something different, yet evil. You want a lot of metal, a huge hi-cap (because you can't/won't aim), and you want durability. You want an AK."

[ more info here ]

Comment by egg at 2001-08-06 14:25:14
from the page:

I don't care how pretty your girlfriend is, the simple fact remains: you'll get bored with how she looks and wind up wanting to make something bigger or have less of something else, the same goes for the AK.

Comment by egg at 2001-08-06 14:28:13
also from the page:

First looks: The first thing you'll notice when holding/fondling her is the weight. She's heavy, nearly three kilos with the battery (we're talking full-stock here). The grips look like wood, but like my last g/f's breasts, they're fake.

Still, who cares what they're made of if they look/feel good, right? And yes, I'm referring to both the grips and the girl

Comment by snafu at 2001-08-06 21:33:26
[gonna have me some fun, gonna have me some fun]

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