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Review: The Crow: Salvation
by snafu, 2001-07-22 10:55:00. No #775.

The third crow movie so far [not including the disney tv series], Salvation tells us about Alex Corvacs who was framed for his girlfriends murder and sent to the electric chair to fry. Once he wakes up, he gets his revenge on the crooked cops that framed him one by one [in stylish ways of course].

For my money you can't beat the original Crow movie with Brandon Lee, [I mean c'mon, he's Bruce Lee's son!] but this movie suffers for other reasons. The original movie had a plethora of deep and interesting characters. Who could forget the main villian and his 'sister' or T-Bird and his gang of misfits, even the cop and his ex-wife. All the characters in Salvation are plain ass white guys, with the exception of Kirsten Dunst.

The original movie also depicted a dark, rainy and gothic city setting, but you never know where you are in Salvation, as the camera never pans away from the characters faces. The guy who plays the crow [Eric Mabius] isn't bad, although the trademark crow face paint seems to magically appear in this movie. There are touches of coolness, the strip club scene being one example.

The Crow: Salvation is pretty cheap, [it only had a $10 mil budget] but would be worth it if you're a crow fan or if you want some cheap action. I still can't get that 'tele-movie' smell out of my lounge room tho...

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