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Review: Swordfish
by snafu, 2001-07-06 14:55:35. No #759.

Swordfish is another wannabe hacker/action movie. Myself being of the lazy persuasion today I'm just going to categoize the film's good and bad points.

Hugh Jackman kicks ass with his 'Ausmerican' accent [seriously tho, who plays golf in a towel?], Halle Berry is hot and totally redeems herself after her shlock performance in x-men, John Travolta firing an M60 out of the back of a moving sports car was pretty cool. In one of the earlier scenes you get to see [in bullet time] what happens when a woman who is strapped with half a dozen bricks of C4 and a few dozen inch wide ballbearings goes boom the middle of a seige.

Apart from the M60 thing John Travolta got on my nerves. There's a large lack of realism eg: when Hugh is hacking, it's always with these funky gui's [graphical user interfaces] that look like screensavers rather than lines and lines of code. There's mention of trojans and worms but even my mum knows what they are by now. Another example of this is that Hugh Jackman and this other guy [who looks suspicuosly like Antonio Sobato Jnr] are supposed to be the two best hackers in the world, but they're both studs! L337 h@x0r5 are never that good looking or old, it's common knoledge.

Swordfish was worth a laugh, but continues in the stream of average movies that have come out lately. More interesting was the trailer to Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. [which was reffered to as 'Marky Mark and the Monkey Bunch' by one employee of Kings Comics]
"Bow your head!!!"

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Comment by ASTRO at 2001-07-07 13:33:39
What pissed me off was how you hear Travolta go on and on at the begining about how movies are lacking in reality and that it would be so easy for movies to be changed just a little to make them better. So I was expecting a bit or reality.. like unix prompts or maybe some c++ code. That little hoo from jurasic park's "UNIX! I KNOW THIS" call was way more convincing...

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