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Review: Tomb Raider
by snafu, 2001-06-22 17:03:53. No #754.

Tomb Raider is what you'd expect of a hollywood action flick, although I [being a tad cynical] actually found it to be a little better than I expected. Angelina Jolie is at her pouting, padded, breast [i mean 'best'].

The scenery and action were pretty cool, acting was average and plot minimal. It's packed full of phoney ass british accents [Noah Taylor destroys any credibility he had] and has Kryton [the hologram from Red Dwarf] as Lara's butler. The biggest stars in the movie however are Cambodia and Siberia which make for top locations.

If you go see this movie you know what you're getting yourself in for, because you've seen it all before. Nonetheless, if you're up for a quick and painless shot of action and T&A, Tomb Raider is your thing.

Comment by ASTRO at 2001-06-24 18:33:45
Was pretty dull eh
I thought it was somewhat amater directing/editing in many places.
Those CT's where unconvincing.
And did you notice the movie had a very disney feal (ie noone gets killed in the first hour).
Was it G rated?

Comment by egg at 2001-06-24 18:38:29
what, you measuring current?

Comment by ASTRO at 2001-06-24 21:31:01
i spel rong cus im l337
fooo !!!!!!!1

Comment by snafu at 2001-06-26 12:55:35
i found it annoying how lara was one of those characters who always knows just when to smash an ancient relic, slice open a book or bash under a staircase to find the next clue/plot device without any clues and low and behold she's always right!

Comment by egg at 2001-06-26 18:36:40
if i've said it once i'll say it again - Jolie is a fucking scrub. no doubt about it.

Comment by snafu at 2001-06-29 14:47:24
>Comment by ASTRO at 2001-06-24 18:33:45
>Those CT's where unconvincing.

Word, I so don't dig fictional guns. Maybe if they had steyrs....
it would've even been cooler if they had mp5s.

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