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Review: Hellboy: The Conqueror Worm
by snafu, 2001-05-11 17:11:46. No #729.

In what Mike Mignola promises will be his last Hellboy story with Nazis, the Conqueror Worm focusses on yet another of their failed excursions into mysticism during WWII. Starring Hellboy and his friend Roger the Homunculus [a medievil 'fake person' made of animal parts and skins stuffed with herbs and animated with magic] this is easily one the best Hellboy comics I've ever read, and has me itching for the next issue in this four part series.

Mike Mignola's art is excellent as usual, he has without question developed one of the most funky ass, impossible to immitate art styles ever to grace comics. If you're a Hellboy fan this is a must, and if you've been thinking of entering the realm of comics this book would be a great place to start.


If Hellboy sounds like your ticket, but you're too cheap/lazy to head down to yer local comic book shop, there's a bunch of funky flash online Hellboy comics hosted at, strangely enough, Playboy.com.
They're not as quite as funky [technically wise] as the flash comics at Marvel.com but these ones even have the occasional sound effect thrown in!

[ more info here ]

Comment by egg at 2001-05-11 18:06:51
gives me an excuse to get over to phantom zone in parra and check my standing order

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