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Review: Dungeons and Dragons
by eggmceye, 2001-04-22 09:27:25. No #716.

Watching this crap-as-hell movie caused me nothing but a whole world of pain. The plot centres around a political struggle between some girly emperess and Jeremy Irons playing yet another bad guy, and a party of wanna-be's running around doing buddah-knows-what and pissing me off in general.

D&D the movie seemed to follow the rules of AD&D somewhat, but dwarves with southern american accents don't work. Everyone knows that dwarves have scottish accents.

Basically, there were no highlights (as in anything that enthused), the CGI was plenty, yet very poor, the characters were ALL annoying, the acting the worst I've seen yet (yes, even Thankyou for coming so quickly outshines the acting in D&D substantially), and we couldn't figure out the unnuecessary tacked on ending.

One of the worst movies I've seen now, Dungeons and Dragons sucked a lot, and hopefully by next week I'll have forgotten it completely.

Comment by Raven at 2001-04-22 17:27:50
Im so glad i didn't waste my money and see this at the movies. Instead i wasted abt $7 and 2 hours of my life !!!! Don't even wait for tv on this one - miss it all together is my advice.

Comment by snafu at 2001-04-22 22:40:04
I don't even know what u guys were doing renting it, the trailer alone screamed suckfest
Rumor has it there's a swut movie in the works, it's coming out on laserdisc, check this poster

They've got some austrian guy playing eggmceye,
"Get off my computer boostie, you son of a bitch!"

Comment by egg at 2001-04-23 17:53:48

Comment by snafu at 2001-04-23 21:51:29
dame edna's gonna make you Pay!

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