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Review: Atomic Magazine
by snafu, 2001-04-19 16:01:00. No #715.

The latest issue [no 4] of Atomic Magazine continues the run of excellent reading from their previous 3 issues. This is a magazine not just about computers or games, but both and overclocking and hardware and upgrading.

The front page story of #4 is a review of the GeForce3, which incidently looks kick ass, another story focuses on the CSIROs 64x1ghz beast machine, other articles include Quantum computers, DVD vs VCD vs DIVX, BIOS tweaking and the aforementioned case mods article.

Atomic is the best computer magazine on the Australian market 'amongst a world of PC Womens Days'. Subscription is only $40, something i'll be partaking in that's for sure.

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