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Review: Doom
by eggmceye, 2001-04-12 19:05:15. No #713.

Best Game Ever?

Yes it's old, it runs on yr 486, but there's no denying Doom's awesomeness. I seriously don't think singler player FPS gameplay has ever been matched, and the way things are going, it probably won't. Nothing beats running around with that shotgun fragging imps and sargents and those red round beholder thingies. The levels are cool, the atmosphere, the lighting - how it flickers and pulsates, the mood - it all reeks of Hell, and there's no shortage of surprises, even when you've played the game through a dozen times.

Since the release of the source code, there have been a number of mods and rewrites of Doom pop up, and I'm going to mention a couple of them here. Firstly there's Doom3d, a win32/directx port of doom. The major improvement here is Direct3d support, so u can run doom thru yr 3d card. Doom looks so much better thru a 3d card (obviously). Doom3d also supports the MD2 model replacements for the sprites. With my voodoo 3, i found doom3d a bit buggy, but it's prolly just me not doing something right.

But the fucking piece du restance (no i dont speak wap-french) is zdoom/zdoomGL. Zdoom is a hack on doom with a number of 'improvements' - namely mouse Z axis looking and jumping. ZdoomGL is a openGL port, so i can run it with my voodoo3. And let me tell you that it is fucking sensational!!!.

So to cap it off, go buy doom for 10 bucks, or dust it off, download a doom port which supports yr 3d card (get zdoom if u have a 3dfx card) - and get yr old school frag on.

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