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Review: Counter Strike
by snafu, 2001-04-09 13:05:10. No #711.

Okay, call us slow, but the swut crew finally had our first group Counter Strike game when he had a lan last weekend. We only tried it out because a few of our "processor challenged" members had trouble running Quake3 [and booting up windows].

For those who don't know [all 3 of you], counter strike is an FPS game with two teams, terrorists and counter terrorists. In each map the terrorists have a certain objective, either placing a bomb, holding hostages or escaping somewhere and it's the counter terrorists who have to stop them. If your team completes your objectives you win cash to buy better weapons for the next round and if you die you don't respawn untill the next round.

After getting into the swing of it, we hardly played Quake3 again for the rest of the weekend. CS has the perfect balance between Quake3 and Rogue Spear. Realistic damage with a choice of real weapons but with plenty of action. Unlike other realistic FPS games CS is without too many options and bindings to bore you. It's disapointing when you die and have to wait untill the next round, but that only hardens your determination to bust a cap in your oponents ass when the game restarts. The game looks great, it's not flashy or round like Q3 but the look suits the game perfectly [practical graphics, i call them]

The only thing making me not divorce Quake3 totally is the fact that counter strike doesn't have bots, so playing at home is ruled out unless you have a high speed internet connection.

[ more info here ]

Comment by egg at 2001-04-09 18:18:40
I tried playing it first thing this morning, but since I have a (arrrgh) dodgy half life copy, my cd-key was no good. I'm going to buy half life this week.

Comment by TRIPtych at 2001-04-09 19:21:57
About time you guys caught onto the l33ness that is Counter Strike.

Comment by TRIPtych at 2001-04-09 19:27:54
Also you can get bots for Counter Strike.

Comment by egg at 2001-04-11 11:59:56
i did a quick search on google for counterstike bots and came up with this:


I tried the RealBot - seems to work ok, not sure if can handle tricky maps but I've only tried it for 30 mins. Not as good as playing vs humans tho, but pretty good when yr desperate!

Comment by Booty booth at 2001-06-06 17:34:42
this game rocks
ihave it on all the comps at school and we had a tournament it kicked ass
and snafu your review is 10000 times better than egg one on ff7

Comment by egg at 2001-06-06 21:00:36
you know, when I was in school we played Ultima 2 and Wavy Navy on Apple 2's. Yuo fucking kids have it so easy now.

Comment by snafu at 2001-06-06 23:41:02
hey "booty booth" get a new nick, i thought i'd posted that stuff b4 i read what it said

Comment by egg at 2001-06-06 21:00:36
you know, when I was in school we played Ultima 2 and Wavy Navy on Apple 2's

wavy navy? is that that equatorial ritual thing w/ the hot oil and a funnel and stuff?

Comment by egg at 2001-06-08 00:38:29
now that was a stupid game. u had a boat on a heavy sea (hence wavy). u had to kill the japs or something (hence navy). it was a key humping game - ie lots of key banging and for this reason it got banned. (dont wana break the apple 2e's keyboards)

My copy got confiscated and my disk cut up by 'basha' (basha was the computa guy - he got his name 'basha' cuz he had a cane, and one day he got so cranky (he was easily wound up) that was set to whip some kid on the hand with the cane, but as he swung the cane up, he lost it and it got stuck in a tree. ahh memories.

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