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Review: Traffic
by eggmceye, 2001-03-31 09:03:28. No #703.

Bordering on a moral-bashing, Traffic is about the non-existant* drug problem in the USA today. The movie lasted for about an hour too long, landing the audience with four or five sides of the same story, each with it's own different lens filter (for the dumbies). Catherine Zeta Jones is a fucking skanky-bear-ho who hasn't ceased yet to piss me off, nor has Micheal Douglas.

Now with the cranky-egg bit out of the way, let me tell you what I liked about Traffic. I liked all the Mexican side of the story. I liked the gritty filter - not because it's subject Mexico (being a dump) - infact I didn't like the fact that the gritty filter was used on the Mexico story, I just liked the gritty filter. Benicio Del Toro is awesome as the good-mexican-cop/bad-mexican-cop, stacking on the years and the kilos since his place as the Fenster in Usual Suspects for this role. Infact, if they chopped out Mr and Mrs Douglas (and about 45 mins), then Traffic may have even warranted four or five Kelly's, but it is not to be.

Anyway, I'm jack of writing this crap - 3 kellys (for the fenster!)

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