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Review: Ninja Resurrection: The Revenge of Jubei
by astro, 2001-03-24 09:57:36. No #694.

First off let me just say that I though that Ninja Scroll was probably the best manga movie I've ever seen (after Akira). So When I heard there was a second Ninja Scroll I got in my sic Gemi and made haste to the nearest vid shop. Basically the movie starts off following these stupid christians around as they worship this characterless guy. The christians are then attacked buy the shogun who hires jubei to kill the jesus like character. Jesus turns into the devil and jubei fights him and thats the end. The animation is decidedly worse that ninja scroll. Only the background scenery even begins to live up to its predecessor. The story line, which made ninja scroll enthralling is completely absent in ninja resurrection. In fact if it wasnt for the title you would have no clue what so ever that this was a sequel to Ninja scroll. The only reference to the previous movie is the name Jubei which is said about once. Jubei himself looks completely different (he has a freakin eye patch) and is one of the most boring characters in the movie. And to top all this off the movie only runs for about 30 minutes. It sais 50 on the pack but I'd put money on it, that that time includes the previews. Dont waste your money! Dont ask me why I put that picture in

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Comment by egg at 2001-03-24 10:31:28
I got ness ninja-resurrection Hell's Spawn for her bday, the R rated one. it sucked too. like only half a story. The credits started rolling 15 minutes in and we're like WHAT THE FUCK?

Comment by TRIPtych at 2001-03-28 13:02:54
Yeh the shortness of the episodes really got to me. If you want a kewl anime series go and rent Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040 or you could wait till it airs on sbs in may.

Comment by egg at 2001-03-28 13:36:12
now thats a hot tip

Comment by Macheath at 2001-03-29 16:28:32
Actually, that's not the sequel to Ninja Scroll. NS has no sequel, so rest easy. Some people really like Ninja Resurrection, but never if they've seen NS and believe it to be a sequel; they're always let down.

Comment by Teitoku at 2001-03-30 16:11:03
Hah..you dumb turd. Jubei's a japanese folk hero...just because there's a guy named jubei doesn't mean it's the same one from your dumbass favorite movie. As for you complaining about there being no plot...you basically described the first one! They're both about a guy named jubei who kills the bad guys and saves the day.

Comment by snafu at 2001-03-30 17:24:47
settle down knobjockey, he said the movie was boring, that's enough for me to not like it, I've heard it from another trusted reviewer as well so i'd be inclined to believe him.
Good vs Evil isn't a plot, it's a convention. Maybe you should go get ninja scroll so you can see why he was disapointed, that is, if you're old enough.
and don't take reviews so personal, sheesh

Comment by Turd at 2001-03-31 08:22:25
Your'e love for Ninja Scroll will never die YOU FOOL !!!

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