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Review: Aliens: Salvation and Sacrifice
by snafu, 2001-03-19 16:25:20. No #689.

Aliens: Salvation and Sacrifce colllects two of the best Aliens stories ever told in a handy trade paperback.

'Salvation' is written by Dave Gibbons and features the sensational art of Mike Mignola, if you're a fan of his work this book is worth getting for the sheer pleasure of seeing Mike Mignola render aliens, it's one of those things, you KNOW it'll be good.
'Sacrifice' is written by Peter Milligan and fully painted by Paul Johnson.

Both stories are well written and interesting but nothing new for the alien genre. The one bad point is this: both the main characters are hard core christians. The woman in salvation is even a priest. Now I'm not saying this is horrible, but for those religously challenged like myself, it detracts from the story a tad. Religion features heavily as a theme through both stories but none-the less i was still entertained.

A good book, Aliens Salvation and Sacrifice is almost worth it just for Mike Mignola's art, but if you aren't a fan and not a christian give it a miss.

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Comment by egg at 2001-03-19 18:40:26
mike mignola drawing aliens : good
christians : bad

why the hell are they christians in an aliens story?

Comment by egg at 2001-03-20 16:55:12
that's exactly right

Comment by snafu at 2001-03-21 10:56:29
jeri's a bitch and booth don't do bitches

Comment by egg at 2001-03-21 13:52:56
goddammn right

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