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Review: Ghost Dog
by snafu, 2001-02-18 13:44:37. No #671.

Ghost Dog stars Forest Whitaker in the title role as an enigmatic mob hitman living by the code of the samurai. He lives on the roof of a building with his pet pigeons which are the only way he keeps in contact with his boss. When a hit goes wrong Ghost dog cops the blame and war ensues between the hulking hitman and the ageing itialian mafiosos. It's a clash of cultures between the code of the samurai and that of the mafia.
Ghost dog is cool, it has the feel of an international film [and that's not just because there was only one copy of it at video store] funky ass directing, and bomb music. RZA gets the credit for the music, although most the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan appear on tracks or as extras as well. Forest Whitaker is smooth as the quiet, deadly [mostly pacifistic] Ghost Dog and Tricia Vessey is damn sweet as the daughter of one of the mob bosses.
Heavily recomended with a funky hip-hop flava, Ghost Dog can be found in the new release section of all good video stores boyeee.
And while you're at it, check out this Damn cool Ghost Dog page.

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