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Review: Shanghai Noon
by snafu, 2001-01-30 11:59:59. No #670.

Shanghai Noon stars Jackie Chan and some dude called Owen Wilson. It puts them together in the wild west where Owen is a train robber named Roy O'Bannon and Jackie a member of the Chinese imperial guard named Chon Win [a play on John Wayne]. Jackie is in the west looking for his kidnapped princess where the two meet and highjinks ensue.
I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan, but I normally find Jackie too clowny but in this movie i was impressed. There's less big stunts and more fighting, less prop fighting [except for the scenes where he fights with an elk's antlers, sherrifs badge] and there's some cool sword, spear and the 'three section staff' [like a big triple nunchaku] scenes.
It was worth a laugh too, my expectations were very low for the movie so i found it quite amusing [especially jackie in the end of the bath scene, "uno mas?"]. Owen Wilson is amusing too, there's a scene where they find wanted posters of themselves and Owen is cheering because it'll drive the chicks nuts. The modern humor is totally unrealistic, but what do you expect.
There's the typical load of western crap, sherrifs, outlaws, indians, whore houses, bar brawls, it's all there to go with it is the usual "i love you man, i'm glad i'm your partner" scenes [wretch]. Of course at the end everyone ends up happy and with a girlfriend.
When it comes down to it, i foun Shangai Noon worth a laugh and worth a rent. Definately Jackie's best Western Film to date, [and alot better than most of the chinese one's i've seen too] but expect the usual american crap cause you're gonna get it.

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