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Review: Unbreakable
by snafu, 2001-01-06 15:14:10. No #668.

Take the Sixth Sense and cross it with the X-MEN movie and you've got Unbreakable. Unbreakable is a modern, original attempt at a comic book movie. It's based around David Dunn [Bruce Willis] who comes out a train wreck without a scratch while everybody else on the train died. Sameul L jackson's character 'Elijah' a freaky comic efficiando takes this as a sign that Bruce is a modern superhero and the rest of the movie is pretty much him trying to convince Bruce of this. Eventually Bruce starts to realise he isn't normal at all.
The film is interesting to say the least and original, but it moves abit too slow and seems pokey at times. As with the Sixth Sense it's got spooky ass directing but all the comic references are to characters that have never existed [barring a few Thor, Punisher and Daredevil covers in some scenes] these characters are campy and gay, the way most uninformed people see comics. Even the earliest comics weren't as campy as the ones in this film. [Sentryman?] All of Kevin Smith's movies use reference to actual characters, that's part of what makes them cool.
Worth seeing, it's the sort of movie you are still going "ahhhh, that's why..." when you get back to your car. Like the Sixth Sense "They say this one's got a suprise endin'" as one character says in the film. I never would have guessed Samuel L jackson's character was a woman.

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