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Review: The Perfect Storm
by snafu, 2001-01-01 18:29:13. No #667.

The Perfect Storm was a load of trash. It starts off with crappy old disaster movie style sentimentality scenes where you can pick who's gonna die in which order. It cronicles a swordfish boat, it's crew [and a few other boats as well] as they navigate through... "the perfect storm". [retch]
George Clooney and Marky Mark give standard performances, but the fact that the script is a load of trash doesn't help.
The movie of course ends in some death defying ego inflating American heroics and everyone making peace with each other before a few good big wave shots and their inevitable deaths.
The movie hits it's lowest point when Marky Mark is floating in the brine, realising his death is imminent he begins talking to his girl. At this point a picture of her appears up in the corner all translucent like those old christianity commercials.
One point for a few gasp worthy FX shots but that's it.

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