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Review: Charlie's Angels
by snafu, 2000-12-04 14:44:21. No #666.

Well, how to begin....
Charlie's Angels was pretty damn shite. A shit plot, and campy everything else. The thing was though, it still tried to take itself abit seriously, and when you put that together with people surviving bomb blasts, falling 5 stories and walking away, meaningless Formula 1 car chases through the streets, etc etc it never works. The acting of course was nothing short of average and while it's supposed to be about "chick power" all they seem to do is giggle and drool over "hot boys" like school girls.
The fighting bits were semi cool, but out of place. That sort of shit made sense in the non reality of the matrix but here effects like bullet time, mega fast zoom ins etc are way over used. The booty is all good though. Charlie's Angels is 90% T&A shots [more chick power for ya]. If you're a guy it's almost worth it for the booty alone.
My absolute fav bit involves Cameron Diaz shaking her booty in front of her bedroom mirror in a small t-shirt and oldskool Superman undies. Cameron Diaz gets most of the skimpy outfits and booty shots and with good reason. If you're a Cameron Diaz fan this movie is a must see :)
1 clint [or whatever we score by now] for the Cameron Diaz dancing and sweedish milkmaid scenes and half for the fighting.

Comment by egg at 2001-06-08 01:53:59
even lucy loo is handsome in this!

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