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Review: Cool Hand Luke
by eggmceye, 2000-08-27 12:12:11. No #664.

Indeed, last nite was watch two movies in a row nite - Poltergeist being one and Cool Hand Luke, starring Paul Newman's Own's Paul Newman the other. Within 15 minutes I was like 'ahh they don't make movies like they used to' but after a while i was like, 'well maybe they do'.

Young punk Luke (newman) gets 2 years hard labour for being naughty and immediately becomes everyone's favourite for being Mr Rebel. I think the movie is supposed to send some neo-moral message like better to die on yr feet than live on yr knees or to that effect - but obviously I didn't get it.

To be perfectly honest I didn't like the big picture of the story much at all, but small sections of it - i.e. on substory and scripting level, i liked it quite a lot. The bit where Luke eats fifty eggs is legendary - it's not just funny but the directing and the supporting cast is cool too. BTW, supporting cast sports Trapper from M*A*S*H and Lynch's boy Johnnie Farrugut from Wild At Heart.

Amusing things go on in the background all the time, like the dancing convict, and there are lines that you hear now and go 'Ahh that's where that came from!'. Even Australia's National Nine News' theme music was stolen from this movie!

But towards the end I began to lose concentration as the story plodded on and on, with the inevitable death of Luke. It was so sad *cry*! That's kinda typical of 60's movies - pure amusement for a while but then they let the story ruin it. Three and a half kelly's.

Comment by snafu on Fri Sep 1 23:41:41 EST 2000 ...
whats with all the new banners?
i liked the old grey metal one best

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