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Review: Poltergeist
by eggmceye, 2000-08-27 11:49:28. No #663.

Ah yes, I've just added some code to allow movie reviews to have +half ratings - and what better movie to give one and a half kelly's to; yet another piece of spielberg tripe, Poltergeist.

A suburban american family's house gets built on a grave yard and there's a nasty spook that kidnaps their daughter. Could be good. Starts out pretty well with the strobe lighting on the scary kids face and the noises from the TV, but that's about it. Plenty of kiddie-faereytale cliches, like the tree that tries to consume the boy. And why does the twister just suck the tree up and then dissapear? what a load of shite! To make things worse, the film degenerates into an Evil Dead try-hard - with lots of shit-scarey-skeletons rising from the ground and doing nothing scarey at all - which only works when taking the piss. In fact the movie just went on too long - it should have ended when the daughter was rescued - yes she was rescued - as if she wasn't going to be.

Had loads of potential but was spoiled by speilberg, who really makes an ordinary movie. He came up with the story, wrote the script and produced it - so little wonder it sucked. George Lucas did all the effects - and by the way, I haven't seen so much product placement since Seinfeld - the kids had more Star Wars merchandise than the whole of The Collectors (plug intended:)

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