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Review: American Psycho
by eggmceye, 2000-08-12 16:18:37. No #661.

In short, this movie sucked. Avoid it like the plague.

If u are still keen on seeing it, and u don't know the story already - then don't read any further - there are spoilers ahead! (and boy does this piece of crap movie need spoilers!!)

I'm fucking sick of these fucking and then I woke up movies - they piss me off! Having to sit uncomfortably around in a filthy rat infested cinema full of drugged up hippies in newtown for ninety minutes, just to find out that the Killer is just a big Dreamer, doesn't make me go 'Oh gee that was clever!', it makes me go 'GIVE ME MY GODDAMNED MONEY BACK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!'

There is nothing new watsoever in this crap flick - except maybe that it's the first (well the first that I noticed) movie made post-80's about the 80's. So fucking what u say? Well I say that too. Not only did it have a shit ending, I was plain bored for two-thirds of the time - but I got a few giggles admittedly when the gibs started flying. Shame it was all in his head.

I wish I had bothered to read the book now. Then I wouldn't have been dissapointed. I mean, I wasn't expecting a great movie - I never do - I just wanted to be scared a little or shocked even. I wasn't. I still haven't seen Executions yet - maybe next weekend.

And I should have known better when the ending was foreshadowed in the first ten minutes. All good stories use foreshadowing - I learnt that in school. I only got 67% in the HSC in english tho. But now I'm rambling - 2 tacos.

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