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Review: The Bone Collector
by eggmceye, 2000-08-06 09:05:36. No #660.

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In short, The Bone Collector was no bloody good. Yr typical cop/murder/mystery - where the killer is the character you notice, but notice least. I picked the killer just for this reason. There's always someone else who is too nasty, or too obviously motivated to actually kill - to be the killer (as silly as that sounds) - to throw you off track. It was like a 90 min episode of Law and Order for fuck's sake.

Denzel washington is kinda ok tho as the weelie-chip-chase-brains of the outfit-guy. Angelina Jolie is a worse actor than even me, and the only thing she is good for is getting her tits out, which she doesn't do in this I'm afraid.

There were bits in this movie that made me and Raven just roll our eyes in dispair - especially at all the weelie-heroism that denzel and his supporting crew pull off so well. They even played Don't give up by that Kate Bush bitch thru the end creds to just hit the moral to the story home - assisted suicide is bad! Kevorkian Bad! Typical american-Hollywood bullshit. Hollywood assumes everyone is stupid, so everything always has to be spelled out. Yawn!

Even the IMDB agrees with me! Here's their review.

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