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Review: X-MEN
by snafu, 2000-07-14 17:53:59. No #659.

hey hey,
X-men rocks.
no shit.
but i'll try to be as unbiased as possible.
X-MEN is directed by bryan singer [the usual suspects] and stars hugh jackman [aka hugh jassman], patrick stewart,halle berry, anna paquin, sir ian mckellan, james marsden, rebecca romjin stamos [rrrrr], famke janssen, ray park [darth maul] and tyler mayne.
It's damn cool, hugh jackman plays wolvy perfectly. in fact i think all the actors involved wrecked seious ass except for halle berry. Special effects good, jokes good [wolvy calls cyclops a dick and flips him the middle claw], acting good, action good, directing good. Just let me say it's all good and i'll get on to what i didn't like.
halle berry-
she blew, not in a good storm way, she wasn't THAT bad but she was easily the worst. Thanks to her shitty african accent no-one [who wasn't an x-fan] could tell where she was supposed to be from. plus she looked akward when she flew up the elevator shaft.
Magneto's helmet
i didn't like the helmet at all, ian mackellan was a kick ass magneto tho.

It was funny to see the different reactions between when i saw it with all the hardcore fans on wednesday and when i saw it today. i think the fans definately "got" it more. i still haven't read any reviews of it and i'm interested in how it's perceived by so called "critics". the non x-fans in the swut crew [almost everyone but me] seemed to give it a resounding thumbs up tho.
so just go and freaking see it already k?

-Toad was played by ray park [darth maul] and impersonates him in a battle scene pretty obviously
-other famous mutants to make an appearance include: iceman, jubilee, shadowcat and stan lee [getting a hotdog on the beach as senator kelly walks past]
-the mansion in the movie is the same one that was used to film billy madison.
-mystiques makeup took 8.5 hours to apply! [bags that job]

Comment by snafu on Fri Jul 14 18:07:18 EST 2000 ...
i just trawled the net for reviews and it seems the critics are split.
havl give xmen 3 or 4 out of five, half smash it apart using buzzwords and bullshit.
it's funny, most of the jerks trashing xmen [these are from american newspapers] are old school fans and try to tell us it'd be better if it were funnier and campier [hello, anyone see batman and robin?] some say it should've been more "playfull" like the comic was in the 60's.
pffffft. this guy gave it 1.5 "This movie could use some of the playfulness of the early-'60s "X-Men" comics written by Stan Lee."
"The "X-Men" comic books themselves were and are much snazzier. So was the original comic "X" generation. Mutants, of course, are genetically altered humans (called here "Extra-Men" or "X-Men"), created by radiation, cursed with superpowers that make them "different" and alienate them from "normal" society. "
the fool doesn't even know what he's talking about. later he says wolvy shoots knives from his hands. did this guy even watch the movie?
to see some reviews go here:

Comment by eggmceye on Mon Jul 17 00:14:50 EST 2000 ...
Firstly, i'm not an X-men fan, so i can review this flik from a neutral perspective, unlike a certain other rabid swut-writer. Some X-men fans liked X-men the movie, some didn't (due to technical inaccuracies - stupid geeks). but I thought this was just another movie, IMHO, and boy are there plenty of them.

Aussie Hugh Jackman saved Xmen from being a one-taco flop. Cast as the short-ass Wolverine (by the way, is wolvy canadian? that would explain a lot ...), old Hugh has all the lines, has the looks, gets the chicks, and just works. Cyclops is a dick, but he was meant to be. Storm's a bitch. So's wheelie Professor X who does Bugger All. Toad's (Ray Park) Darth Maul pipe-sabre twirl joke amused. Sabretooth was stupid.

I don't like super-powers much (russia is ok haha). I've never read X-men, and I prolly won't ever. Australian cinema sucks in it's own unique way - not to say Hollywood doesn't - but at least it predictably plain. Aussie movies are predictably annoying. That's why i like Aussie actors in Hollywood movies - australians' flat accent's stick out like a sore thumb. Hugh/Wolvy did the trick in this one. Three tacos.

Comment by snafu on Fri Jul 21 16:36:04 EST 2000 ...
i think most people were suprised by how good it was regardless of wether they were a fan or not. it's hard to translate a comic like x-men with soo many characters and details onto film and still have an entertaining movie. i was worried it'd turn out like the streetfighter animated movie, where, because of the amount of characters the whole movie is just fight scenes linked together. wolvy is canadian too, due to his lack of memories, hints have been dropped that he was actually in ww1, ww2, worked undercover for the cia with sabertooth, umm there was a rumor that sabretooth was his father.... [this was debunked].....he was a samurai in japan..... i was happy with it. can't wait for the sequel [gambit,nightcrawler or beast and cgi sentinels!, i just pray they don't title it XM2]

Comment by eggmceye on Sat Jul 22 11:01:59 EST 2000 ...
they should call it X Men Too :P

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Comment by Scarface on Wed Aug 9 10:43:18 EST 2000 ...
hey damn i havent seen the movei,but damn it gotta be good,mmkay..fabulous effects and the story kick ass...

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