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Review: Gone in 60 seconds
by raven, 2000-07-10 18:32:15. No #658.

Being a fan of Nicholas Cage and mustangs i had to go see this movie even tho i had my doubts it was going to be any good. i forked over my cash and took a seat in the middle of a crowded cinema filled with bankstown homeboyz and other assortments of rejects. Bluntley, this movie was crap. It was supoose to be about boosting cars but that was featured less than the mustang and angelina "look at my lips and curves" jolie. If it actually focused on stealing the cars and had better car chase scenes (like ronin or any fab old movie) and less on gay brotherly love lines and lectures on respect and other bullshit that hollywoood keep churning out it would have been ace , but ohh no, that just didn't happen. One taco each for Nic and the mustang. Fans of angelina be prepared to be disappointed this movie has no perv factor (I know i was). Check the original out - it might be better.

Comment by egg on Mon Jul 10 18:48:44 EST 2000 ...
yes indeed, a shit movie this was. crap cars, crap acting and an especially crap plot. Nick has a hairy chest and Jolie is a bitch. 2 taco's for smashing the shelby up at the end.

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