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Review: Game of Death
by snafu, 2000-06-23 16:49:21. No #657.

Game of Death was the movie Bruce Lee was halfway thru when he died. It was released a few years later with some "modifictaions". Okay, no more standard review banter i'm gonna break it down.
"Billy Lo" is a famed martial arts actor in hong kong, a bunch of mobsters approach him and his singing girlfriend in a well organised protection scam. billy of course says no, so the gangsters sneak on set and shoot him whilst he's filming a scene [the old realbullets/blanks switch] he fakes his death and comes back for vengence yadda yadda
Game of Death is a horse, a dead rotting horse corpse. Bruce is only in it for about 15 minutes and doesn't say anything in that time. the "fill in" only vaguely looks like him and fights totally differently [more kicks, less lightning fast punching and blocking]. he also has his face either out of the shot or covered with shadow, amber visions or pot plants through out the movie. they even had the audacity to put in facial shots of bruce from other movies in with the fake bruce's fight scenes!
it's crap, at the end when bruce finally kills the head bad guy the movie ends, the body doesn't even hit the ground b4 the credits start rolling!
okay now the good bits. this movie contains the fight between bruce and kareem abdul jabbar [that's right the basketballer from LA] kareem stands about twice as tall as bruce so the fight is a classic in itself. bruce also wears the famous yellow w/ black stripe body suit w/ yellow and black adidas' in this movie and doesn't he look great! :)
GoD has crap editing filming and fighting with a pinch of bruce. rent it if you're a diehard fan of bruce lee or have a bong at the ready.

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