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Review: Mission Impossible 2
by raven, 2000-06-14 14:44:33. No #656.

Not much to say about this movie except that IT SUXED. I wasn't expecting no Lynch production or a Fab Hitchcock movie so before I get bagged out let me just say i use to watch the series and knew what to expect. Unfortunately I saw the first one and guessed it in the opening scene. Did I learn? No, of course not, otherwise i would have saved the money. There were no surprises unless you count the endless scoobie doo bits which are so obvious it hurts. The best thing was the chicks boobs in the bath tub scene so the 2 tacos are for that pretty piece of flesh. Other than that it was Outbreak/ 12 monkeys meets scoobie doo. If you go for the John Woo factor (which is what i did) prepared to be a bit disappointed as it was more WWF than Kung Fu. Save your money and wait for video or TV. The only thing impossible about this mission was it made it off the cutting room floor.

Comment by steve clark -Fresno CA on Wed Jun 28 04:10:03 EST 2000 ...
I agree, a lot of pretty looking car chases and violence, but it had the story line of a cheap ass video game. stop the terrorist who stole the germ, save the girl from certain death. Oh im sorry i just spoiled the whole movie for any one who hasn't seen it!!! One + thing(besides the boobs), well im a huge WWF fan and i did see Tom Cruz use The Rock's spinebuster and his finishing maneuver, the rockbottom.

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