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Review: Hellraiser 3 and Hellraiser Bloodlines
by eggmceye, 2000-06-05 11:06:12. No #655.

After the cenobite onslaught of Hellraiser (1) we here at swut decided we wanted more! The local vid shop didn't have HR2 so we had to settle for 3 and 4 instead. While watching these wasn't a complete waste of time, they were basically 0 taco movies with our old friend Pinhead providing all the entertainment with his silly heads and demoni-aristocratic rhetoric.

Hellraiser 3 and Bloodlines arguably give the viewer too much of a good thing - it's all pinhead (along with some new friends of his) - while in Hellraiser (1) the pinhead exposure level was kept to a minimum, thus adding to the mystique and aura of the man. Too much pinhead doesn't detract - like a teaspoon of nutella compared to half a jar, he's better in small doses.

Comment by some young guy on Mon Jul 10 17:40:17 EST 2000 ...
hellraiser3 was also the movie debut for actor TERRY FARRELL. she plays the reporter who finds out too much. She later went onto ST Deep Space 9 and co-stars on the sitcom BECKER.

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