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Review: Gladiator
by snafu, 2000-05-26 15:07:07. No #653.

Well, what can i say?
Gladiator exceeded my expectations, and was well worth the dosh. It was a cool story, was filmed well and had a good [aussie accented] peformance by Russel Gilbert [you know what i mean].
the opening battle was ace, way better than the ones in braveheart but not quite as gibby. It seems the opening gibfest is the way to go these days to shock the audience into the movie [ala saving ryan's privates].

i can't think of any bad points, commodus [the whingey emprorer] got on my nerves but i guess he's supposed to. i actually cheered when he died and as maxim can attest i clapped when RC did that cool double sword scissor decaptation move.
not the x-men movie but still worth a look
4 tacos

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Comment by Tony on Tue Jun 20 23:04:14 EST 2000 ...
Good flick! One of the things that makes it really cool is that it's from a true story, like Braveheart.

Comment by egg at 2001-04-01 11:10:40
just saw this last nite

It may have been Best Picture vs castaway, but prolly wouldn't rate so highly in any other contest. Comparable to Traffic.

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