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Review: Silent Hill
by eggmceye, 2000-05-16 22:25:07. No #652.

This was going to be a review for Metal Gear Solid, with the SH review to follow, but I thought FUCKIT - i'm guna jump straight in and review the absofuckinglutely most scariest mutherfucker of a game that I've played, ever!

I would never have thought that a game would have so much atmosphere as this. Within the first 30 seconds of playing it I knew it was guna be an ass-wrecker - scarier than any bullshit horror movie money can buy. It's dark - there's rotting gibs galore, scary monsters (for a change) and the gfx, sound and music are just legendary.

It does have its bad (the right word?) points - but these didn't stop me giving it five purple tacos. The acting and dialogue are appalling, crossing the border into comedic. The fighting mechanism sucks. The rest is all good!

Memorable moments include gibbed nurses thrusting with knives, this nutty little ghost girl who sets yr radio off, but doesn't attack - she really scared the beStalin out of me - and a trip to the amusement park, which while cliche, was spooky. After the creds have rolled u get the outtakes - yes, cgi actors have outtakes too. These while kinda amusing, are haunting, and the happy music just sets it all off.

I finished it and got the shit ending - there's four endings (plus a bonus 5th ending) - the ending u get depends on how u play the game, and which bits u complete or leave out. I rushed it and got the bum ending. I want to play it again, and get a good ending, but I'm too chicken. FIVE greasy tacos.

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