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Review: Eyes Wide Shut
by eggmceye, 2000-05-10 12:09:33. No #651.

Wall Climbing Rat Breaks the Monotony in EYES WIDE SHIT

Old Stan Kubrick has a good old laff on us all with this pile of ARSE, even in death. Could anyone else have made a 20 minute script last 2.5 hours? What a drag. Tom was ok, but Nicole's character should have been axed from the story. If things couldn't get any worse, 20 feet away from us, a huge rat scaled the cinema wall, then got back down, and crawled up the leg of the girl in front of us, sending her screaming. We did the runner too, over to the other side of the cinema, but an hour later there was a nasty banging in the roof. Possums and rats! This aint no bush cinema, this is Beverly Hills Twin!

Comment by Fan O Man on Wed May 10 12:19:26 EST 2000 ...
I think that "Eyes Wide Shut" was great. I think that anyone who disliked it just didn't get it and probably has sex issues. To the charge that it was just out for shock value I respond that if you were shocked then you are too soft. To the charge that it was too s l o w m o v i n g I reply that that was the whole point. When Nicole was speaking slowly it was because she was either pissed or stoned (try tape recording your own voice when drunk and playing it back when sober... I guarentee you sound like a strap) and when Tom spoke slowly it was because he was trying to deal with the fact that his picture-perfect life was falling apart all arround him. So to those who didn't like it I say rethink your first opinion & even try watching it again with your eyes (and brain) WIDE OPEN. 4 and a half stars.

Comment by Raven on Wed May 10 12:19:49 EST 2000 ...
Liking a movie and having "sex issues" are two different things .... Because the movie was not solely about sex ... Tom wasn't watching his world fall apart, he was choosing to do what he did because he thought that he could some how match Nic's fantasy, so he tried his fantasies out by not giving a shit about anyone but himself and when he realises that he is in too deep only then does he go to his wife to tell her. It's a movie of "could have" happened rather than a realisation that it does happen. Poor Tom could have been killed, could have contracted the HIV virus, could have lost his wife and his child, but guess what - he didn't and the solution ... FUCKING FIXES EVERYTHING offered by none other than his beloved wife Nic. That's why Eyes Wide Shut was shit my friend not because it was shocking or of sexual issues that are undealt with but because it COULD HAVE been something it is not ... Just one TACO for me.

Comment by snafu on Wed May 10 12:20:13 EST 2000 ...
i like boobs

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