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Review: Trial by Copulation
by raven, 2000-05-07 23:04:55. No #650.

Despite the critics that disagree with my taste in flicks, here is one movie that I thoroughly enjoyed, and it did not contain backward-talking midgets or eerie subliminal images of dead or mutilated bodies. No, this is not a David Lynch production, but it might as well have been. Trial by Copulation is a thinking man's (or chick) movie dripping with suspense and thrill for all those people with a thirst for adventure. With it's cookie popping scenes and extravagant images that boldly light up the screen it was hard to take my eyes of this movie even after the climax of the story. This flick sets a standard for the movies before it and will sit highly on my shelf for the movies to follow it. Treat yourself to a flick that you will be thankful for, for a long time to come. Acquaint your mind and body with Trial by Copulation. 5 of the purplest tacos for this one - A MUST SEE.

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