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Review: Fight Club
by eggmceye, 2000-04-16 11:07:12. No #649.

I just wanted to get in first and say Fight Club was Shit. There.

The good: Edward Norton; he's good value. Also where he imagines another plane colliding into his was well done. So was the maccing-on scene. The alter ego thing was clever, but not wholly original (but eh, what is?)

The bad: Brad Pitt - almost irritating.

The ugly: Everything else. I hated the chick, tho i may have been meant to. The dodgy 'lets blow some shit up - yeh!' was plain gay - anti corpratism yeh! Who the fuck is bringing u this movie? fucking hippies? NO! The billboard terrorism could have been a whole lot more interesting, considering its been done in Real Life many years ago, and a whole lot better and more creatively.

What irrited me most that i can just see this movie breeding a whole Gen-Y (the gen after X) of would-be hippy philosiphers and consumer terrorists. Excuse me, but (heh) I and a lot of other people were already questioning everything anyway, and if u needed this movie to get u off yr ARSE and get u to think, well then yr just an idiot.

Comment by snafu on Mon Apr 17 16:51:28 EST 2000 ...
lighten up fool!
[begin rant]
not every movie has to be a perfect expression of white geek angst in a decadent comercialised society.
i don't know about you but i go to a movie to be entertained and if i learn something so be it.
i thought fight club was smart, funny and YES original. Sure you could sit there and say this bit ripped off this, this bit ripped off that but hello?
u find me one movie that was TOTALLY original and made in the nineties and i'll eat my words.
i enjoyed fightclub, it fired my synapses.
sure i was sinking beers in the theatre at the time but it's all good.

for the record i heard another guy say it was shit too, but he was disapointed there wasn't more fighting in it as the name suggests.
what was he expecting? the dark kumate?

Comment by egg on Mon Apr 17 19:15:25 EST 2000 ...
ya, someone had to take the bait, and this coming from the same guy who loved Something Abt Mary haha :P

Comment by snafu on Tue Apr 18 19:25:46 EST 2000 ...
touche, [does anyone actually know how to do the ~ above the e]
you got me there, my vision was clouded as Cameron Diaz was my hoochie of choice at the time.
and you can't use the "bait" backdoor everytime someone presents a valid point!
And it's Rebecca Romjin Stamos now baby!

Now THAT'S all good!

Comment by snafu on Tue Apr 18 19:27:30 EST 2000 ...
oops went abit over board with the pics
oh well :)
oh yeah i give fightclub 4 tacos

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