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Review: Dogma
by eggmceye, 2000-02-11 16:14:38. No #645.

I was guna do a review of this a few days back, but couldn't be bothered finishing it, but now it's friday, 4pm, I'm bored, so I figured 'wat the fuck' I'll give it a go now.

I'm not going to go right into the story. In one sentence: the last living decendant of Jesus Christ, has to stop two fallen angels from gaining redemption by enterting a little church in New Jersy, otherwise everything will be unmade and cease to exist, by proving god wrong or something. She gets some help from 'the voice of god', the 13th apostle, Salmea Hayek, and of course Jay and Silent Bob.

All the funny bit's are provied solely by Jay (jason mews). kevin smith was cool as silent bob, until he tried acting, which he does in this, and does a really bad job of it. Only I'm a worse actor than he is. At least he doesn't speak much. The 2 angels are ok. Salma does a does some strip-joint-dancing which floated my boat. The 13th apostle talks too much - that's why they got that wats-his-name to play his part - he's a natural bullshitter. The voice of god is cool - he mighta been one of the old Dr Who's - i'm not sure. And KS really shouldn't have gotten Alanis to be god - she just sucks - period.

You know what I realised this morning? Bambi, from the Young Ones episode "Bambi" is Giles from Buffy! Hows that!?

Comment by snafu on Mon Feb 14 18:26:01 EST 2000 ...
i liked: chris rock: "you knew jesus?" "knew him? nigger still owes me 12 bucks!" matt damon & ben affleck alan rickman as medatron [?] [he was in robin hood as the sherrif i think] jay and bob the disclaimer at the start i didn't like: the happy ending when alanis comes along and makes everything better salma hayek, nothing personal but i don't think her character was necesary the film should've been condensed, it went for 130 mins the special effects were budget but u get that i would've given it three also

Comment by snafu on Mon Feb 14 18:28:00 EST 2000 ...
doh! thought u didn't need to use html for new lines in the "add coments" section just drink heaps of coffee before reading the postage above

Comment by egg on Mon Feb 21 12:14:48 EST 2000 ...
we watched bambi last week - it's not giles :(

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