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Review: Man Bites Dog
by snafu, 2000-02-06 12:59:06. No #643.

Yes, see the tacos below... that's 4, 4 tacos.
Most of the swut crew assembled one night for bbq'd meat, most stayed to watch a video, this video.
ONE stayed awake for more than 15 minutes, me.

Man Bites Dog is a black and white, french, black comedy. Sort of blair witch meets pulp fiction [it was made years before both movies] the entire movie is seen through a young trio of film students camera [sound familiar?]. They start off doing a documentry on Benoit, [a callous killer] but end up being drawn into his dark world and actually helping him commit crimes.
The film is graphic, and very dark but has some seriously funny moments. Benoit becomes obsessed with the camera and puts on a real show. Benoit himself is a crack, he considers himself to be a philosopher and sometimes recites poetry and tells the film crew annecdotes about the mating cycles of pigeons whilst hunting people down. He lectures them on how to correctly weigh down a body as he throws them into a flooded quarry [he disposes of all his victims this way], but one day they return to find the quarry drained. :)

The film was originally banned in australia, probably due to it's graphic nature and the scenes where benoit kills both children and elderly people.
The characterisation is tops, the only thing i don't like about this film is the subtitles. The movie is black and white, and the subtitles aer white!!!
Blame that one on the french i think. Worth seeing if this sort of thing is your bag, but if it isn't, go hire "never been kissed" instead.

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