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Review: Stigmata
by raven, 2000-01-21 18:27:25. No #642.

Stigmata is the phenomenon in which strong believers of Christ display the wounds he suffered in Calvary. Well that's my understanding of it anyway. This movie unfortunately is nothing new or not even slightly scarey as they plugged it. So no blankie or pillow (or teddie) is needed for this one. It is the story of a sexy chick called Frankie (Paricia Arquette) and how she displays the stigmata the only catch is that she is not a believer in Christ actually quite the opposite. The church sends out Fr.Andrew (Gabriel Bryne see Usual Suspects) to investigate the claims and he becomes involved in trying to save her life as well as observing her.

The story itself is not particularly fascinating ..there was however some parts of the filming i liked and then there was some parts of the movie that annoyed me : frankies clothes and the play back voices of previous scenes to emphasize some unnecessary points. This flick is bascially for fans of the actors that play in it but if you get the chance check the soundtrack out (if there is one). Fans of the quake cd might appreciate it ..i know i did!

Comment by egg on Fri Jan 21 18:29:58 EST 2000 ...
the inflatable chairs really pissed me off!!

Comment by raven on Tue Jan 25 10:48:12 EST 2000 ...
what about her green plastic sandles??? and your fav fury coat!!

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